Will you be able to drive a race car on your streets?

Speedy Gonzalez may have been able to get away with it. After all, he is something of a mythical, superhero type of character. You, on the other hand, are a mere mortal, like so many other millions of drivers around the country. But you have had this bug in you for quite some time. Whenever the big Nascar event happens on your TV screen, you find yourself always biting your nails. No, the round and round lapping race is not making you nervous or agitated. It’s just that you, yourself, have been itching to get out there. You want to drive a superfast race car on your track, in your own backyard.

But what to do? They might not let you drive your custom-built race car on the slow roads. Heck, if Lewis Hamilton can be stopped at the traffic lights, then so can you. Okay, so square up, Junior. It is no use moping about. Here’s a suggestion for you. Why don’t you just join a club already? Go down to the classic race car services oxford me shop. Have a word or two with the guys there and then let’s see if they can recommend a club for you to join. They’ll be giving you the reality check. They can build you a classic race car, or they can sell you one that they’ve got ready. But they will not allow you to go racing out of their shop and into the not so mean streets.

classic race car services oxford me

More than likely, they are going to ask you about your towing arrangements. Where would you like your new car to be delivered? Down to the race track, is where. Not so? Right you are. Go, enjoy your racing.