Being a Member of a Pit Crew

It’s a demanding job, faced paced, and with long hours to boot. Working on a pit crew for a racing car isn’t easy, whether you are in a NASCAR race or just a local racing event. You need to be able to get out there, listen to the driver and the car, and then get a handle on whatever is wrong so the driver can get back into the race.

Much like sports teams, pit crews are made up of several people, all of them primarily doing one job or another at one time. So, one member might be assigned to filling the car with gas, while another might only replace tires. This will help you get into your groove and do your one job really really well.

To excel as a member of a pit crew, you’ll need to study racing auto parts and the inner workings of car repair. If you can instantly see and understand what is wrong with the car you can save everyone precious few seconds and allow them to move that much faster. You can see what someone else has overlooked and get the flaw fixed.

Keep in mind that races are often long affairs that test endurance because the pit crew needs to be ready to jump into action at any and every point during the race. If you want to be a pit crew member, then you need to be all speed all the time, and you can rest when the driver is out on the track.

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Thankfully, no matter where you are working when it comes to a pit crew, the skills and requirements are often the same. Just move fast, do your job, and have a keen eye and manageable energy for the entire race and you’ll be a good member of the team.