How to Protect Your RV in the Winter

RVs provide year-round fun but for some people, the cold months of the year are better stuck inside. They don’t use the RV again until warmer weather rolls back around. In the meantime, the RV can easily sustain damages if it’s not cared for when it’s cold outside. How can you ensure that your RV does not succumb to the winter elements when it’s not being used?

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Cover With a Tarp

Covering the RV with a tarp can help keep out some of the winter elements that risk damage to the RV, but they’re not 100% foolproof. This is a simple method of keeping snow/rain off the RV for a short period of time. Visit the outdoorsman store to find a suitable tarp or browse for your product online.

Storage Units

Did you know that rv & boat storage petaluma is available? There’s probably no better way to store the RV to protect it from the elements. It keeps your RV safe and secure and protects it from damage.  Storage units hold RVs of all sizes and with climate controlled options available, it’s easy to securely store your RV!

Plumbing Protection

The plumbing in the RV can freeze and cause a lot of mess if you do not drain the water from the pipes during the winter if you won’t be using the RV. It may seem like a big endeavor, but it’s the best form of protection available.

The tips above are a few of the many that can help protect your RV in the winter time if you won’t be using the vehicle. Use this information and benefit your RV and keep it protected. That’s very important if you wish to prolong its lifetime and your enjoyment.